Normally the school admits a child with the required age and knowledge for particular classes. It gives as much as possible chance to the students coming from different background and at same time the school puts all efforts to make them as good members of the society in order to compete in the present competitive environment.
Fee Structure:
The entire income of the school is based on fees paid by the students of St. Paul Sr. Secondary School.
Payment of Fee:
The tuition and bus fees should be paid regularly on mounthly basis and all other fees have to be paid at the time of admission. Regular payment of fees without any delay is very essential for the smooth running of the school. The last date to pay monthly tuition fees is on 2nd of every month without fine. If not paid, a fine of Rs.10/- per day will be charged. If there is any irregularity in the payment of the fees the name of the child will be struck off from the attandance Register. Re- Admission may be possible after paying the re-admission fee and previous dues.
Our Kindergarten Classes:
Nursery L.K.G. and U.K.G. is compulsory for every child to get admission in std 1
Withdrawal of Children from School
Normally it is not adviceable to withdrow any child in the mid-session. However under any unavoidable circumstances a child may withdrawn in mid-session after paying the fees for the whole academic year. The parents has to submit application for T.C. fees of rupee one hundred will be charged for T.C.

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